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PC Cable Flash Sync Hotshoe Adapter + Remote Slave Flash Sync Receiver with cable

PC Cable Flash Sync Hotshoe Adapter + Remote Slave Flash Sync Receiver[OFFD]


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This hotshoe flash sync adapter and remote optical sync eye allows old and modern flash units to be used on old film cameras not fitted with a standard hot shoe, as long as they have a PC socket. It can also be used to optically trigger a remote flash from a unit on the camera.
This item is well made and of good quality
This unit has 2 functions:
1) It enables you to use a modern or old flash unit on a camera that has no hot shoe, but does have a PC Socket.
    (An after-market flash bracket is good to mount to cameras with no hotshoe - Not supplied)
2) It can be mounted remotely on a tripod with a flash unit attached and be triggered by the light from a master flash at the camera position.
Comes with:
A 90cm coiled PC Sync Cable with locking ends, fits any female PC socket.
Be aware that even though you can fit a modern TTL or ETTL flash to this unit, it will only function in manual mode unless your flash also has
a software setting that allows your flash unit to use it's own built in flash meter as with the Canon 580EX II.
PC Socket: