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Useful Links

A page of useful links to resource sites for Australian film workers/photographers, includes developing, how to, blogs, DIY and more.


The Massive Dev Chart for all film and developer combinations.


Blog by Peter Lee, a respected Australian Large Format Film Worker with advice on LF, Digital Printing, Black and White and much more.

Blog, Musings on Photography by Yours Truly

Facebook Australian Film Groups:

The Film Bloke's Facebook Page

Film Photography Australia

Australian Film Photographers

B&W Film Workers/PhotoEye

Some Film Processing Labs:

(Please note, these suggestions are for your convenience, not recommendations by this Store)

Perth - Fitzgerald Photo, Churchill Imaging

Adelaide - Atkins Photo Lab

Melbourne - Hillvale, Michaels

Sydney - Vision Image Lab, Photoland, Rewind Photo Lab

Brisbane -, Fotofast, 

Mackay North QLD & Aus Wide -

A whole bunch more: Lofico