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Dedicated to reliably supplying the needs of Australian film photographers and darkroom workers.

Discover the feeling of film.

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The Store:

My name is Walter Gawronski. I'm an amateur Photographer who shoots film and had trouble finding a reliable source of supply for my film work. I figured you must be in the same boat - Hence, I started the Store. 

After a year, I discovered I'm also older than I realised and found it a bit much for me, so my Daughter Joanne is now the Owner of The Film Bloke Store, and I no longer have any function in the Business.

You may find when you make payment the name Joanne Harvey comes up in Paypal or where ever, that's correct, so don't fret :)


The shipping charges are based on the total weight of goods you purchase. Sometimes we can fit your goods into a smaller Oz Post Satchel, and if we can, we'll refund the difference to you.


We don't have staff to handle phone calls so I prefer contact by email. jomarieharvey at gmail dot com. (excuse the address format, it's for the benefit of bots trawling for email addresses)

Anyway, browse, have a look around. If you have a suggestion on how we can improve, please email us.