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Store Closed

Dear customers, please note "The Film Bloke" store will be closed as of 26/01/2020. Any orders placed before this date will be processed as usual. ...

The Film Bloke...

Dedicated to reliably supplying the needs of Australian film photographers and darkroom workers.

Discover the feeling of film.

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The Store:

My name is Walter Gawronski. I'm an amateur Photographer who shoots film and had trouble finding a reliable source of supply for my film work. I figured you must be in the same boat - Hence, I started the Store. 

After a year, I discovered I'm also older than I realised and found it a bit much for me, so my Daughter Joanne is now the Owner of The Film Bloke Store, and I no longer have any function in the Business.

You may find when you make payment the name Joanne Harvey comes up in Paypal or where ever, that's correct, so don't fret :)


The shipping charges are based on the total weight of goods you purchase. Sometimes we can fit your goods into a smaller Oz Post Satchel, and if we can, we'll refund the difference to you.


We don't have staff to handle phone calls so I prefer contact by email. jomarieharvey at gmail dot com. (excuse the address format, it's for the benefit of bots trawling for email addresses)

Anyway, browse, have a look around. If you have a suggestion on how we can improve, please email us.